City Rising

Producer, Development and Production
Documentary Series, Seasons 1 & 2

City Rising is a three-time Emmy®-winning, character driven documentary series, that looks at systemic discrimination through the historical roots and social consequences of a particular economic focal point. Season 1 tells the narrative of urban gentrification and displacement through the lens of people rising to fight for equitable development. In Season 2, which premieres on KCET-HD on Dec 4, 2018, we look at the growing economic wage gap and informal economy through the stories of those who work off the books, sometimes hiding in plane site.

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City Rising, Season 1 was picked up for broadcast across over 50 public television networks in the nation! Our first season won three LA Emmy® Awards, won the LA Press Club Journalism Award for Best Documentary and was nominated for an Imagen Award in 2018. Our team attended multiple community based screenings and participated in panel discussions across California. And the success of Season 1 inspired The California Endowment to fund us for two more seasons.

As lead producer and co-creator of the pilot season, I was deeply embedded in research, development and scripting. I was on location throughout Season 1, overseeing production as we shaped the series' voice. I also sourced the incredibly talented directing teams for Seasons 1 and 2. On the network side, I was integral to the graphic design and branding process as well as the development of marketing materials.

Network KCET
Season 1 was co-produced with friends at Endless Eye
Season 2 was co-produced with friends at Sylvia Frances Films

To view Season 1's episode and the broadcast schedule, please visit City Rising on KCET's website here.